About us

Van Driel Transport BV is a medium-sized transport company that specializes in one-way container transport. We are in possession of 44 tractors and 80 chassis spread over 3 locations. We have a two-brand policy for the tractors, namely Volvo and Mercedes. These tractors are standard equipped with air conditioning, microwave and inverters. This is to make the driver’s work as safe, easy and friendly as possible. Our chassis are all from the D-Tec brand and suitable for the transport of any size sea containers and tank containers.


Van Driel transport operates from 3 locations, namely Van Driel Transport BV in Bergambacht (NL), Van Driel Transport Deutschland GmbH in Fussgönheim (DE) and Sotrai Sarl in Pétange (L).


Who will join our fantastic team?

International Sea Container Driver


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