Transport of all sizes of sea containers by means of multifunctional container chassis

Van Driel Transport can be used for all types of sea container transport. We are specialized in the One-Way container transport of 10ft – 20ft(HC) – 30ft – 40ft(HC) and 45ft(HC) sea containers. With the help of so-called break chassis, we offer customers the possibility to load or unload 2x 20ft containers at 2 different addresses at the same time. Tank containers are also part of our speciality. A number of chassis even have the option of combining so-called swapbody tank containers. We also offer a solution for containers with different sizes.

Transport of hazardous substances in both box and tank containers

The entire fleet of Van Driel Transport is approved for the transport of dangerous goods. This as well as so-called general cargo ADR in the box containers and the so-called tank ADR the transport of hazardous substances in tank containers. The entire fleet is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and loading and unloading hoses for this. Our motivated drivers are fully ADR trained and equipped with all necessary personal protective equipment.

Unloading tank containers by means of compressors

In addition to transporting tank containers, whether or not loaded with hazardous substances, Van Driel Transport has also equipped part of the fleet with compressors. This enables us to independently unload a loaded tank container on location, using air pressure. Of course, our drivers are also trained for this.

Transport of temperature-sensitive cargo in Reefer container by means of our own so-called gensets

A large number of chassis are equipped with a so-called generator, which gives us the option of actively supplying reefers with power during the journey. This means that we are able to transport temperature-critical cargo in refrigerated containers without any problems at any temperature desired by the customer.

Transport of non-hazardous waste

Van Driel Transport is in possession of the necessary permits from neighboring countries, which means that we can also transport non-hazardous waste in containers. Last but not least, our trucks are driven by a team of motivated and certified drivers who know what they are doing. The entire fleet is maintained in our own workshop, which guarantees continuity. We can therefore safely say that we can offer a suitable solution for every type of transport of your sea container.


At Van Driel Transport BV, all cars are equipped with Euro 6 engines and equipped with an automatic transmission and a spoiler set to keep the C02 emissions to a minimum. Our own workshop checks whether the tires are continuously at the correct pressure to keep consumption as low as possible.

Because we specialize in One-Way transport, we minimize the unnecessary kilometers without a load.