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The team at Van Driel Transport in Bergambacht consists of a group of 14 motivated and well-trained drivers, along with a maintenance technician, who are well-versed in their work. We prioritize a familial atmosphere, and teamwork is at the core of our values. We genuinely collaborate. We take pride in the fact that drivers who have been with us from the beginning are still actively contributing. They are the ones who convey that Van Driel Transport is a solid business. It’s a gratifying compliment from individuals who have been with us for so long.


Van Driel Bevrachtingen B.V. was founded in 1995 by Kees van Driel. Initially, he rented a room in the building of a construction company in the industrial area of Bergambacht. Later, he expanded to a floor in another company on the same site. With growth in mind, Kees eventually sought a residential property with office space in Bergambacht. There, the team expanded with a planner and administrative staff. They started their day at 08:30 with coffee and gingerbread. On Wednesday afternoons, croquettes were prepared. Kees’ desire for his sons to join the business led to the establishment of Van Driel Transport, with a growing fleet of 13 tractors and 35 tank ADR chassis.
In the year 2000, Kees was approached by the German company E.K.B. Container Logistik from Bremen. This led to a joint venture, giving birth to E.K.B. Container Logistik Nederland B.V. This was also the moment when Van Driel Bevrachtingen B.V. ceased its operations. Under the banner of E.K.B. Container Logistik Nederland B.V., there are currently 100 fully integrated charter partners on the road.
In 2006, Van Driel Transport Deutschland GmbH was established in Fussgönheim. This is a village located near Ludwigshafen and Mannheim. Here, we primarily handle local transport (Nahverkehr) from the terminals in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. We have our own site and office facilities where 16 tractors and approximately 25 chassis can be parked. Currently, there are 5 people working in the office. Additionally, we own a forklift capable of handling 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers with a maximum weight of 8 tons.
In 2013, the Luxembourg-based company Sotrai Sarl was acquired, located in Pétange. Here, we primarily handle local transport (Nahverkehr) to and from the train terminals in Athus and Bettembourg. The fleet consists of 15 tractors and 25 chassis. There are 5 people working in the office. These three locations form a perfect triangle for completely relieving the customer of the transportation of sea containers throughout Europe. All in all, Kees can be very proud of the company he started, pouring his heart and soul into it.


A three-member management team oversees the operations of the four companies: EKB Nederland BV, Van Driel Transport BV, Van Driel Transport Deutschland GmbH, and Sotrai Sárl.

Gijsbert van Driel

Bas Sterrenburg

Bert Broere

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