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Van Driel Bevrachtingen B.V. was founded in 1995 by Kees van Driel. Kees rented a room in the building of a contractor on the industrial estate in the South Holland village of Bergambacht. Some time later, Kees rented a floor on the same industrial estate from another entrepreneur, which allowed him to continue to grow his business and this happened. However, it took a lot of time, so after some time Kees went looking for a house with office space. The Bergambachtenaar breed also found this place in Bergambacht. After that, a planner and an administrative assistant were quickly added.

Every morning at about 08.30 am we started at the coffee table with a cup of coffee and a slice of gingerbread. This is something that is now absolutely unthinkable. At lunchtime, there was even an occasional game of darts or a game of jass. On Wednesday afternoons, croquettes were always baked for the entire staff, something that still happens today, although it is now a few more croquettes.

It was Kees’ wish that both his sons would join the business. When this took shape, Kees decided to purchase his first own trucks. At the same time, van Driel Transport B.V. was born. The fresh white/blue cars with the large cuckoo on the side are now no stranger to anyone. The company continued to grow and became an established name in container transport. The fleet in Bergambacht currently consists of 13 tractor units that are fully tank ADR equipped and 35 tank ADR chassis.



The team of Van Driel transport BV in Bergambacht consists of 14 motivated and well-trained drivers and a maintenance engineer, who know what they are doing. The family atmosphere is very important to us. We really do it together. We are therefore proud of the fact that our drivers from the very beginning are still active. They are the ones who propagate that van Driel Transport BV is a solid business. A nice compliment from people who have been working with us for so long.

Progress through the years

In 2000 Kees was approached by the German company EKB Container Logistik from Bremen. A joint venture arose and EKB Container Logistik Nederland BV was born. This was also the moment when Van Driel Bevrachtingen BV was no longer active. There are now 100 permanently integrated charters operating under this EKB Container Logistik Nederland BV flag.

In 2006, the Driel Transport Deutschland GmbH branch in Fussgönheim was established. This is a village near Ludwigshafen and Mannheim. Here we mainly provide the Nahverkehr from the terminals in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. We have our own site and office here where the 16 tractors and +/- 25 chassis can park. There are now 5 people working in the office. We are also in possession of a forklift truck with which we can handle 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers with a maximum weight of 8 tons.

In 2013, the Luxembourg company Sotrai Sarl, which is located in Pétange, was acquired. Here we mainly provide the Nahverkehr to and from the train terminals in Athus and Bettembourg. The fleet here consists of 15 tractors and 25 Chassis. There are 5 people working in the office. These 3 locations form a perfect triangle for completely unburdening the customer for the transport of sea containers throughout Europe. All in all, Kees can be very proud of the company he started and in which he puts all his heart and soul into it.

Managing board

The three-person board manages the 4 companies: EKB Container Logistik Nederland, Van Driel Transport BV, Van Driel Transport Deutschland GmbH and Sotrai Sárl.